Postdoctoral researcher positions in information and computer science (dl March 25, 2013)

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The Department of Information and Computer Science at the Aalto University School of Science is presently looking for

Postdoctoral researchers

The positions belong to the Aalto career system and the selected persons will be appointed for two-year fixed term appointments. While the present call focuses on the topics listed below, outstanding candidates in other areas of information and computer science compatible with the Department’s mission are also welcome.


1. Advanced statistical methods for climate studies (Prof Erkki Oja and Dr. Alexander Ilin,

Climate models are used, for example, in long-term predictions of the mean global temperature. This project aims at improving the reliability of climate predictions by advanced statistical modelling of large-scale climate data. Extensive parallel computations are used to simulate climate, and optimal values for simulation parameters are estimated from data. A good knowledge of advanced statistical methods is required, and interest in large-scale data mining and extensive simulation models is helpful. The project takes place in the Center of Excellence in Computational Inference, in collaboration with the Center of Excellence in Inverse Problems and the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Starting time: as soon as possible.

2. Algorithmic data analysis (Prof Aristides Gionis,

The topic of research is on the broad area of algorithmic data analysis. The aim is to develop novel methods to extract knowledge from data, design algorithms to summarize large volumes of data efficiently and effectively, and explore new ways of using the extracted information. More specific areas of interest include: clustering and outlier detection, graph mining, analysis of spatio-temporal data, social-network analysis, analysis of information networks and social-network dynamics, location-based social networks, analysis of smart-city sensor data.

Starting time: flexible and up to negotiation.

3. Computational biology and regulatory genomics, 1-2 positions (Prof Harri Lähdesmäki,

The Computational Systems Biology group ( at Aalto University uses computational and statistical techniques to model molecular mechanisms and their role in health and disease. In this project we aim to reveal transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms in human cells using a variety of next generation sequencing data. Research is carried out together with Finnish and international collaborators offering the possibility to test novel computational predictions in real biological systems. We invite applications for an open postdoc position. Applicants are expected to have background in bioinformatics, computational biology, probabilistic modeling or machine learning. Postdoc will be responsible for developing and applying efficient computational biology methods and collaborate with experimental and molecular biology research groups in a truly interdisciplinary setting.

Starting time: Spring 2013 or immediately.

4. Cryptography (Prof Kaisa Nyberg,

The cryptography group at Aalto University School of Science is specialized on statistical cryptanalysis of symmetric-key cryptographic primitives as well as implementation efficiency and security of both asymmetric-key and symmetric-key primitives. Also mathematical structures that provide resistance against such attacks belong to the group's interest areas. In the current call we look for researchers who have PhD degree and sufficient background in the areas mentioned above to successfully strengthen the group's competencies and impact in these areas.

Starting time: Spring 2013 upon agreement.

5. Deep learning (Prof Juha Karhunen and Dr. Tapani Raiko,

The research group (see is studying actively deep learning, which is currently a hot topic in machine learning. This is because deep learning has provided world record results in difficult benchmark problems. The postdoc will study new ideas on deep learning under the supervision of Dr. Tapani Raiko and independently. Our research group has published results on deep learning in high-quality international conferences and has good connections to the leading researchers in the world. We are looking for researchers who have PhD degree and sufficient background on probabilistic modeling and machine learning. Some knowledge on deep learning is appreciated but not mandatory.

Starting time: Spring 2013 upon agreement.


In addition to research work, persons hired are expected to participate in the supervision of students and teaching following the standard practices at the department.


The candidates are expected to have a doctoral degree in Computer Science or a closely related area and a good track record in scientific research. Good command of English is a necessary prerequisite.

Compensation, working hours and place of work

The salary for the position is between 3 444 and 3 616 EUR per month depending on experience and qualifications. In addition to the salary, the contract includes occupational health benefits, and Finland has a comprehensive social security system. The annual total workload of teaching staff at Aalto University is 1600 hours. The position is located at the Aalto University Otaniemi campus.

Application materials and procedure

The applications are to contain the following documents in one pdf file in the order given below. The pdf-file is named ‘lastname_firstname_postdoc.pdf’.

The applications are to be addressed to the Head of the Department of Information and Computer Science at Aalto University, and submitted to the Registry of Aalto University no later than March 25, 2013 by email to The Department may decide to make offers to exceptional candidates already before the end of the call.

Short-listed candidates may be invited for an interview on the Otaniemi campus of Aalto University in Espoo or for an interview conducted via Skype. In the review process, particular emphasis is put on the quality of the candidate's previous research and international experience, together with the substance, innovativeness, and feasibility of the research plan, and its relevance to the Department's mission. The candidates must have completed their PhD degree before the start of the contract period, and efficient and successful completion of studies is considered an additional merit. Should there be a lack of eligible outstanding applicants, the application period may be extended. While all applicants who have submitted an application by the deadline will be appropriately considered, Aalto University reserves the right to consider also other candidates for the announced position. Application materials will not be returned.

Further information

About the Department

The Department of Information and Computer Science at Aalto University in Espoo/Helsinki, Finland, pursues research on advanced computational methods for modelling, analysing, and solving complex tasks in technology and science. The research aims at the development of fundamental computer science methods for the analysis of large and high-dimensional data sets, and for the modelling and design of complex software, networking and other computational systems. In the recent Research Assessment Exercise covering all the 46 units of Aalto University, the Department of Information and Computer Science was one of two units achieving an almost perfect score of 24 out of 25, from review panels assessing the units on a scale of 1 to 5 in the five subareas of scientific quality, scientific impact, societal impact, research environment, and future potential. For more information about the Department's research profile and activities, see the full RAE report available at